VS Code Tip of the Week: The Thunder Client Extension

VS Code Tip of the Week: The Thunder Client Extension

This week's VS Code Tip off the Week is the Thunder Client extension.

Thunder Client is a lightweight Rest API Client Extension for Visual Studio Code

There's amazing tools out there like Postman, Postwoman (now Hoppscotch), etc. but I like the fact that I can use this directly within VS Code.

Typing thund in the VS Code Command Palette

Select Thunder Client New Request from the available items in the list.

The Thunder Client New Request window open in VS Code

The New Request window opens with a test GET request to thunderclient.com/welcome.

Click the SEND button to make the GET request. A response from thunderclient.com is returned.

The response from the GET request to https://www.thunderclient.com/welcome. The value is the following JSON: {
  "message": "Welcome to Thunder Client",
  "about": "Thunder Client is a hand-crafted lightweight Rest API Client extension for VS Code.",
  "createdBy": "Ranga Vadhineni",
  "github": "github.com/rangav/thunder-client-support",
  "twitter": "twitter.com/thunder_client",
  "auth": "Supported Authentication methods Basic Auth, Bearer Token & OAuth 2.0",
  "graphql": "The client supports Graphql Query & Variables",
  "support": "For Bugs & Feature requests please submit on github",
  "share": "Please spread the word about Thunder Client"

There's a lot more you can do with the extension, so I encourage you to check out their repository on GitHub!

Happy VS Coding!