Yet Another Newsletter LOL: 2 Full 2 Stack

Yet Another Newsletter LOL: 2 Full 2 Stack

I was at Refactor DX 2023 this week in Toronto. Lots of great talks and it was great meeting some old and new faces!

With that, another week, another newsletter. Let's get to it!

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There was no Twitch stream this week, as I was at Refactor DX 2023! But I'm super stoked to be hanging with Ramón Huidobro this coming week where they give us an introduction to React Native and Expo!

The stream recording with Graham Ritchie is up on YouTube. We discussed accessibility and did a mini-audit of the OpenSauced Insights profile page.

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DevRel is something that I feel I will be doing at some point in my future, so it was really cool to be featured in this week's issue of DevRel Weekly! Thanks for letting me know about this Lucia Cerchie!

Last plug... I promise. I'm starting a monthly stream on the YouTube channel. I'm really excited about this collaboration.

In the first episode, we'll go through debugging fundamentals for JavaScript and Node.js.

Full Stack Debugging /

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