Yet Another Newsletter LOL: Kind Words

Yet Another Newsletter LOL: Kind Words

Another week, another newsletter. Let's get to it!

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Fun Stuff

I love sharing Jhey's creations here every now and then. This OS Dock demo is built with HTML and CSS' :has and trig functions. Zero JavaScript. Enjoy.

Words of Wisdom for the Week

If you are genuine in your interactions, it tends to pay dividends in the future.

Be nice, give first.

Brian Douglas on Twitter

Shameless Plugs

It was awesome hanging out with Matija Šošić this week, learning all about Wasp. Here's a highlight.

Full recording dropping on YouTube next week! Remember to give a follow on Twitch! 😎

Coming up this week on, I’ll be hanging with Daniel Roe from the Nuxt core team! We will explore all the goodness that is Nuxt!

Twitch stream with guest Daniel Roe where we’ll explore Nuxt


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