Yet Another Newsletter LOL: RenderATL, RenderATL, RenderATL

Yet Another Newsletter LOL: RenderATL, RenderATL, RenderATL

This one is coming in late this week. I returned late last night from RenderATK and forgot to schedule sending this out! 🙃

With that, another week, another newsletter. Let’s get to it!

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Fun Stuff

This just cracked me up. What is going on?! 🤣

Words of Wisdom for the Week

You don’t have to be a top influencer to help ppl ! Mentor at your company, lift others up around you, be kind and make people happier after their interactions with you !

Kaleb McElvey on Twitter

Shameless Plugs

I was at RenderATL all week, so I will share all the awesome pics with folks I met starting in this Tweet.

Last week, Erin Mikail Staples joined me on my Twitch stream to discuss open-source data labelling and its importance. We also took a peak at some of the tools that Label Studio provides.

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Coming up this week on my Twitch stream, Glauber Costa, Founder/CEO at Turso shows us how to leverage data at the edge with Turso.

Reminder 👉🏻

And lastly, I’m on a panel at Front-End Test Fest this Wednesday, June 7th. Come hang with us!


  • Nothing this week, friends! I was busy at RenderATL!

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